Healthcare Trends: Service Line Development Case Study Analysis

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Healthcare Trends: Service Line Development Case Study Analysis Background: Trinity Community Hospital Trinity Hospital is a 150-bed facility located in the southeast United States. The hospital offers a range of services varying from internal medicine to neurology, and boasts a dedicated nursing staff and community-recognized excellence in patient care. While the hospital stands out in terms of excellence in several distinct areas of patient care, Board members an other higher-ups within the Trinity community have begun strategically planning for significant upgrades to the hospital in terms of what type of care is offered to patients being treated at Trinity. A strategic plan targeting oncology, orthopedic, and cardiovascular care has been developed in hopes of generated new revenue, new clientele, and new status for the hospital should these plans be carried out. Despite Trinity's plans to go ahead with work, having developed a five-year plan that lays out what would be accomplished in a certain bracket of time, the truth remains that healthcare does not operate in a vacuum. Trends that emerge in the national market are influenced by legislation, delivery of care, changes in payment methods, and social and economic conditions. Healthcare professionals monitor policy at the national level by reviewing legislative initiatives and analyzing rules and regulations. Understanding healthcare policy helps in facilitating grant reviews and in developing program initiatives,
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