Healthcare With A Heart. Highlands Regional Medical Center

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Healthcare with a Heart Highlands Regional Medical Center (HRMC) is a hospital with multiple departments experienced in the care and healing of patients. HRMC is dedicated to creating a healthcare system that is patient oriented with a strong structure and impeccable staffing who understand and share empathy with their patients needs. The company’s mission and vision statement focuses on the value of patients, physicians and the communities it serves. “The delivery of compassionate and high quality health care services that improve the quality of life for our patients, physicians and the communities we serve.” (Highlands Regional Medical Center, 2017) I chose this organization as I have been a part of its family for over 5 years and have…show more content…
Each department works together to create a smooth streamline transition for every patient. The employees, from customer service to administration to physicians, work on the same level with one another and share in the passion of treating and healing their patients. The employees continue their focus of their patients to the patient’s family as well. Highlands Regional Medical Center is committed to creating a diverse workforce with equal opportunities available for everyone. This is outlined in HRMC’s diversity statement as follows: (Highlands Regional Medical Center, 2017) Diversity We are committed to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of the community we serve. Fostering a diverse workforce benefits both employees and patients by offering an inclusive place to provide and receive care. Men and women from different backgrounds serve in a number of roles in our organization. While we may come from different experiences, we all share the same goal of providing high quality patient care. Providing Culturally Competent Care Our employees receive annual training designed to support and encourage an inclusive environment for healthcare delivery and customer service. Additional resources are available to assist with the delivery of healthcare, such as translation and technology services and

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