Healthcare for All

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Healthcare for all Introduction Access to health care is one of the human rights that is stipulated in the American constitution. It is also a priority as per the provisions of the World Health Organization. Provision of health care is not solely the work of the government. It is also facilitated by other organizations from the private sector such as health insurance providers and other non-governmental organizations ADDIN EN.CITE Reading20101085(Reading)1085108517Reading, Joshua P.Who's Responsible for This? The Globalization of Healthcare in Developing CountriesIndiana Journal of Global Legal StudiesIndiana Journal of Global Legal Studies367-3871722010Indiana University Press10800727 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_9" o "Reading, 2010 #1085" Reading). There has been a lot of active debate on the subject of reforms in the health care industry which concerns certain questions such as right to health care, fairness, access, efficiency, choice, cost, quality and value. America is the only industrialized country that is wealthy though does not ensure that all of the citizens have some kind of coverage through either public or private insurance. From this, it is observed that the lack of some kind of health insurance coverage leads to roughly 18,000 deaths that are unnecessary each year and another study conducted by Harvard University gave an estimate that slightly over 44,000 deaths occur each year as a result of lack of health
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