Healthcare reform Essay

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The United States should have Universal Health Care Comp II The United States should have Universal Health Care Virtually 50 million Americans are presently without any health insurance, and a great number of them with health insurance are struggling to pay for their medical bills. Everybody concurs that healthcare must be accessible to all citizens, but the debate on whether the United States should adopt a universal health system still rages. According to the Institute of Medicine (2002), the U.S. is the only developed country that does not guarantee that its citizens have health care coverage. President Obama pledged to reform the country’s healthcare system by increasing health coverage and…show more content…
Moreover, there are already existing laws in the country that demand emergency rooms for patients if they lack any insurance. This expenses the hospital finance that they convey to clients and insurance firms. Under universal health care program, those people that usually go without insurance cover would be demanded to pay for it through taxes. This concept of cost distribution would reduce the individual costs of people currently paying for insurance. It is worth noting that this system of taxation resembles the shared costs of schooling, road construction, or even space exploration (Burke, Diego & Semelka, 2012). Opponents of universal healthcare system assert that the program would be damaging to the quality of health services, although researchers have established that the country’s healthcare structure is not superior to those of various developed countries that offer universal health care (Garber & Skinner, J2008). In relation to the same research, the United States is ranked second last in terms of the number of practicing physicians. Moreover, the country has less than the normal number of hospital beds and period of stay for severe care. The expense of the country’s healthcare per individual is $8,000 more than Netherlands, Norway,

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