Essay on Healthier Eating Habits for College Students

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As students transition from high school to college, and are learning to make adjustments to start living on their own and how to deal with the stress of class, dietary health is usually one of the first things to be put on the back burner. Because of this, my behavior change is to start focusing on my dietary health and to start taking it more seriously. I found that the article Systematic Review of Dietary Interventions with College Students: Directions for Future Research and Practice to be very helpful and relatable.
The authors performed this study to identify specific program factors associated with healthful changes in students’ dietary habits. The importance of the study is that long-term implications to one’s health can be caused by the challenges to healthy eating when transitioning into college (Kelly, Mazzeo, & Bean, 2013, p. 304). The study, originally with 936 articles, was then narrowed down and involved 14 students’ research articles that met certain criteria set up by the authors. “Criteria for inclusion in this review were studies that evaluated the efficacy of intervention, program, or educational course intending to improve the dietary or nutrition habits of college/university graduate students,” (p. 305).
The method that the researchers used was evaluating the different interventions and targeting dietary outcomes. They reviewed the articles to determine how effective interventions were on improving college students’ dietary habits. The results of the…

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