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Business Plan
Healthlite Yogurt Co.
Danbury, Connecticut Table of Contents

1.0 Organization Overview 2
1.1 Organization Structure 2
1.2 Organization Products 2
1.3 Major Business Processes 2
2.0 Problem Statement 3
2.1 Existing Problems with the Current Processes 3
2.2 Factors Contributing to the Problem 5
3.1 Overview of Management Plan 6
3.2 Objectives 6
3.3 Timeline 7
3.4 Major Milestones 9
3.5 Cost and Benefit Assessment for Plan Implementation 9
4.0 Business Process Change Drivers 10
5.0 Technology Plan 12
5.1 Goals and Technology Vision 12
5.2 Current Technology and Resources 13
5.3 Priority Needs and Solutions 13
5.4 E-Commerce and Web-Based Order Processing System 15
5.5 Database
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Information pertaining to marketing and product shelf life is managed manually using a paper process system at each of the regional offices. Sales reports, information requisitions and promotional information is printed and mailed to the sales force from the regional office. The communication within the organization is done through the telephone, fax and regular mail.

Interaction with customers is handled directly by the sales force. Sales representatives at each of the 20 sales regions write up hard copy orders placed by the customer using 2 paper forms. The sales representative then faxes or mails the order to the corporate office. The corporate office employs 20 workers to sort and enter the orders into the system. Order reports, specifying the type of product and quantity needed, are transmitted from the corporate headquarters to one of the seven processing plant so the designated facility can manufacture the product. The shipping department, using a commercial carrier, ships the order to the appropriate sales region warehouse. The order is then delivered from the warehouse to the customer.

Due to the perishable nature of the product, yogurt has a limited shelf life. The complete process of ordering, manufacturing and shipping the product currently takes between 4-14 days. The time for a customer to receive an order will vary depending on customer
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