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Mrs. Maxine - Demographics and Beyond
Mrs. Maxine represents my archetypal view of the healthy "seasoned citizen." Maxine is a Caucasian female born in rural, Mullens, West Virginia in 1926. She is the only child of a Southern Baptist, "middle class" family. Joseph Hammond, her father, was a farmer. Her mother, Ruby, was a "full-time parent" and prided herself on "running the house." Maxine explained that farmers wife's were routinely responsible for the day-to-day operations of the household. Her Southern Baptist faith was complements of her parents and minister grandfather.

Maxine's life is a faith-filled journey engulfed with multiple personal tragedies. The first tragedy struck Maxine in the fall of 1928. The
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They invested heavily in AT&T stock and owned multiple rental properties. Cecil died in 1993 from Parkinson's Disease. Maxine married Deacon Curtis Killen, a widower and fellow church member in 1994. They continue active involvement with their religious community as it nears its seventy-fifth anniversary.

The Interview
During a series of interviews, we explored the following topics:

 What is your definition of aging?
Maxine thought this question was quite basic. However, after much thought she stated that aging is simply "advancing in age." Upon further questioning she explained that her definition is a view of the "total process" of aging. She does not define aging in a biological, functional, psychological, sociologic or spiritual domain.

 What are you key accomplishments (e.g., active in specific areas, social contributions, volunteer activities, and unique or adventurous activities)?
Maxine explained that what she considers her "key" accomplishments are not actions which society typically views as dramatic. Her most notable accomplishment is "living to be seventy-two years old." Once we acknowledged her age, she began to detail her almost "life long" connection with her church and subsequent Christian community. She stressed that she has been an active, almost lifelong member of this "Christian community" for the last fifty-four years. During a humorous moment she acknowledged that she
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