Healthy Body And Mind : Guidelines

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Healthy body and mind Definitions - Wellbeing A stage with good health and satisfying financial conditions is called wellbeing. - Health Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely The absence of disease or infirmity. Indications of: - Good health and wellbeing Health indicators Health indicators are summary measures that are designed to describe particular Aspects of health or health system performance. Health indicators are generally Developed in the context of a conceptual framework, such as the National Health Performance Framework - Poor Health and wellbeing Disease There are many diseases that can afflict the human body, ranging from common Colds to cancers. The 2 main…show more content…
Further, there Can be common mechanisms underlying infectious and chronic diseases, for Example, an injury could lead to an infection or a chronic back problem. Poor financial condition Example By SARAH DANCKERT The auction of the small commercial property was barely worth noting. The Hoddle Street, Abbotsford showroom went under the hammer for $1.4 million in December and the world went about its business. “We would never have signed that first loan if we knew we had to sell the property.” Denis Scanlon But for Denis and Joy Scanlon the sale represented one of the cruellest of outcomes Of a dispute with the Bank of Queensland. Neglect and abuse Malnutrition, begging, stealing or hoarding food Poor hygiene, matted hair, dirty skin or body odour Unattended physical or medical problems Comments from a child that no one is home to provide care Being constantly tired Frequent lateness or absence from school Inappropriate clothing, especially inadequate clothing in winter Frequent illness, infections or sores Being left unsupervised for long periods. Basic requirements for good health Eating well Eating well is about providing your body and mind with nutrients that keep you Active and alert, as well as about enjoying the food you eat. Ideally you want to be Eating five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit a day, plus keeping your fluid Intake up by drinking plenty of water. In the last
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