Healthy Body Wellness Center : Business Objectives Essay

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Healthy Body Wellness Center Business Objectives Healthy Body Wellness Center is an organization that specializes in awarding grants to hospitals. To make it more appealing, they also strive to ensure that these grants are of good quality. Thus, a great deal of emphasis is placed on improving the quality of these grants. For this they evaluate and share the results of federally sponsored research. Their main recipients are small hospitals and these grants are tracked by SHGTS. Guiding security principles The guiding security principles in the scenario are geared to protect its assets. The of its assets are information and data. The CIA triad of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability which is the pinnacle of information security must always be considered when protecting these invaluable assets. Confidentiality means that data is concealed and can only be seen by the intended recipient. In this scenario, personal or sensitive data is being transferred via or store on the network. Only tallying of which hospitals already got grants and other grant detail, no names. So, in this scenario a breach of confidentiality would have a low impact on the business. Integrity means that data is protected from being altered or changed while in transit or at rest. In this scenario integrity, would apply to the protection of data related to which hospital already got grants. This is very important information since this data is used to determine how much grants were given, the

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