Healthy Dog Research Paper

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A consensus of many dog owners would be that public dog parks are essential to the maintainance of social, mental, and physical canine condition. A lack thereof could result in depression, aggression, and general restlessness in the dog population in any given community that does not allow for open yard space. It is generally accepted that dogs not only desire, but require interaction with fellows of their species. Isolation within the company of only humans can dissolve a dog's emotional makeup, not to say that it will directly result in a "problem dog", but it will result in a dog that, when introduced to canine sociality, could become hazardous. It is vital that social training be available to reduce the risk of confrontation, both…show more content…
The stagnance of indoor life for a pet can promote a degeneration of cognitive functions, reaction times specifically. Comparing a dog that recieves spacial excercise and interaction to one whose idea of fun is running a circle around the living room would show that the intellect of the animal is fostered by greater stimulation of it's natural instincts. Through chasing a stick along the grass, the brain of a dog synthesizes the endorphines associated with the hunt, some would say a dog's primary purpose. Perhaps most important, though, are the physical detriments of an inactive canine. The health of it's systems relies almost entirely on excercise, no different than any living thing. A stagnant dog will suffer the same familiar clogging of arteries, plaquing of valves, and degradation of nervous systems that we do. Hip displasia is a common disability found in dogs who lack proper excercise, often resulting in severely limited motor function. Lack of circulation, muscle growth, optical accuity, or any number of things can have a life threatening effect on your dog, just as it could on
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