Healthy Eating: A Way of Life

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Eating Healthy: A Way of Life

Those who do not know me well are amazed by what they perceive to be a great amount of determination, diligence, and willpower when it comes to my eating habits. My husband, children, and others who do know me well realize it is just the way I am, dedicated and passionate to all things I consider worthwhile. While changing my lifestyle over the last six years to incorporate healthy eating habits, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding nutrition. For instance, health conditions like high blood pressure or high cholesterol may be improved and even prevented simply by choosing the proper foods. The likelihood of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and
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Real food is not made from chemical preservatives impossible to pronounce. Items on a food ingredient list should be things recognizable as food. Although I consume no pre-packaged foods, when purchasing for my husband I look for sodium, sugar, and saturated and trans fats to be less than five percent of the daily value per serving. He is often reminded of my resounding philosophy proclaiming clean fuel to promote a clean body.

My healthy weight is easy to maintain. I have an abundant amount of energy and no issues with high blood pressure, cholesterol levels or blood sugar levels and my skin looks great for someone approaching the half-century milestone! My doctor has been amazed each year at annual physicals to find my weight consistent and blood work reveals all readings at optimal levels. By following healthy eating habits, my body is provided with the necessary fuel needed to function properly and give me the vitality needed to play an active part in the lives of my future grandchildren. Healthy eating keeps me feeling young, looking great, and eager to grasp all life has to offer!

In addition, I also think of water, exercise, and sleep as food groups. Water transports nutrients throughout the body and helps to flush out waste products and toxins. I never suffer from headaches or feel tired because I never allow myself to become dehydrated. I consume at least one hundred and twenty ounces of water daily in addition to forty ounces of green tea
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