Healthy Eating Regimens : Obesity

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Eric Canto
Professor Daly
17 September 2016
Healthy Eating Regimens It is very ironic how the most obese country in the world continues to promote the most variety of different diet-trends. However, an increasingly amount of new eating regimens seem to come into the public fairly often, and most of them are very popular. Whether it be to lose weight, gain weight, improve performance, or just support one’s health, there seems to be hundreds of ways to change the way we eat in order to reach those goals. Three diets that are especially interesting and suspicious are the paleo, gluten-free, and raw food diet. The paleo diet claims to mimic the diets of Paleolithic humans, the gluten-free diet completely removes a certain nutrient from a usual diet, and the raw food diet prohibits the cooking of one’s food. Although these diets may seem tremendously odd, they are increasingly popular, and provide the promised results to many people. However, regardless if the regimen proves to give certain people the results they want, the real mystery is what these diets are exactly doing to our bodies. Eating like an early human seems impossible, cutting a certain nutrient seems unhealthy, and not cooking your food seems very odd—so how can these be healthy diets? There is still much to learn, and much to research about these trending eating regimens that are taking the country by storm.
The paleo diet is an eating regimen that essentially goes by the guidelines of what a…
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