Healthy Family : A Family

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We all came from a type of family, Regardless to our origin or ethnical background, family is a universal and important aspect in our lives. From birth to adult hood, our family teaches us the fundament principles of life, what makes us be the person we are today. According to the better health channel (august 2014) stated that a happy and healthy family have certain traits in common. In this discussion, I will be elaborating on a family that demonstrated one of the healthy trait while caring for their lovely mother as well discussing my role as a nurse in this situation.
As a home health nurse, I have the opportunity to interact with my patients and their families on my daily work. By being able to care for patients in the comfort of their homes, this is a perfect place for me to study my patients and get adequate information on how their surrounding affects their healths. I was able to encounter several of those family traits every day. According to Kaakinen et al, 2015. Healthy family’s traits are: listening and communicating, affirmation and support, respecting privacy of one another, exhibition of shared responsibility and maintaining a sense of humor.
As a home health provider, I will be discussing about a family that I have been caring for that has demonstrated the trait of exhibition of shared responsibility. I once took care of an elderly patient with dementia who lived by herself in her home. She was admitted to our homecare after being discharge from the…
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