Healthy Foods That Cause Belly Fat Essay

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Healthy Foods That Cause Belly Fat

What’s your waist-to-hip ratio? We often see this number thrown about in relation to what ratio is most attractive to the opposite sex. But it’s relevant for a much more important reason.

Even if you’re not overweight, collecting more weight around your middle can spell trouble. In general, a thicker waist can indicate a higher risk of heart disease, among other illnesses.

Health organizations recommend that a woman’s waist size should remain under 35 inches for better health and longevity. Meanwhile, men should remain under 40 inches.

As for the waist-to-hip ratio, women should strive to keep it below .85, while men should be under .9. Confused? You can calculate your ratio here.

Bottom line: fat
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And time and time again, studies demonstrate that HFCS makes us gain weight more than regular sugar.

It can be difficult to eliminate, as an estimated 40% of foods produced with a sweetener use HFCS. But if you want to get rid of belly fat, it’s essential to read labels and limit or avoid it.

Where it’s hiding: If you lay off the soda and cookies, you’re good, right? Nope. Yogurt, salad dressing, cereal, juice, applesauce, protein bars, and more can contain HFCS. Even if it says “natural” or something to the effect of “healthy” on the packaging.

Trans Fats. You’ll find trans fats in items that contain partially hydrogenated oils. Trans fats are an excellent example of how things can go wrong even when you have the best intentions. For many years, the ill effects of trans fats were largely unknown.

The founder of trans fats, Wilhelm Normann, actually made food more accessible when he created them over 100 years ago. Partially hydrogenated oils made foods last longer, and it was cheaper than animal-sourced lard and tallow.

However, the truth is that trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils are among the very worst modern inventions. This isn’t opinion; even the FDA has plans to “phase” it out of our food supply by next year. Let’s hope it doesn’t take too long.

Why? Because it causes heart attacks, plain and simple. The Harvard School of Public Health estimates that eliminating trans fats can prevent 1 in 5 heart attack deaths!
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