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Healthy Grief Have people only been able to progress through the stages of grief since 1969 when Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross put a name to the model of processing grief or have people been doing it since the beginning of time? As this paper progresses I will introduce you to a Bible story of a man who was made to suffer incredible losses in his life and how he progressed through what we know today as The 5 Stages of Grief.
Job, a faithful follower of God suffered the loss of his wealth to marauding bandits. In addition he suffered catastrophic demise of prosperity his seven sons and three daughters when the house in which they were feasting was made to collapse killing all of Job’s children. Job 4:18-20.The losses occurred all at once on
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Job 42:7-16 finds that Job has learned that he can live again after his conversation with God; he is once again provided with wealth and prosperity and again is able to become a father of ten more children, seven sons and three daughters. Job has moved on in his life completing the stage of acceptance.
Dr. Kubler-Ross’s theory on the stages of grief laid a foundation for scholars and others who work with people who grieve to analyze and to work therapeutically with those who morn. This theory is very sequential and linear where one stage neatly transitions into the next stage so that in healthy grief a person should move from shock and denial to acceptance within a set timeframe. Grief however is not always so sequential and linear. Those who grieve can move back and forth through the stages of the grief process. From my personal experience, I understand why the final stage is important and essential. From the moment my loved one was buried, I had a hard time going to the grave, I refused because I did not want to face reality. After a few months, I woke up one day thinking “enough is enough I have to but these feelings to rest.” I went to the grave and had a moment of prayer and also talked to my lost loved one and I left there accepting their death. I felt so much better know that I have finally had enough courage to visit the grave and accepted

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