Healthy Health Is Better Than Healthy

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Leigh Hunt once said that all the happiness around the world is brought by a healthy body. It is an undeniable fact that health is the most asset one can ever have. However in this hustle and bustle century, everyone is striving to gain more wealth than a decade ago, working day and night just to survive in this competitive world. There is no time to think about the point of chasing all the wealth that seems to be the norm nowadays. It might give satisfaction to them in the short run, but, at what cost? The answer is simply word - health. The irony of it is as mentioned by Dalai Lama, man sacrifices health for wealth and then use wealth to recuperate health. Though we have heard that prevention is better than cure gazillions of times, how many…show more content…
People nowadays live under the pressure of various problems socially, ecologically and economically among others. They have a lack exercise because they spend most of their time earning money. Plato once said lack of activity will give effect on our body, while physical activity can help us to maintain our health. So, it is better to make time to exercise because exercises bring a lot of advantages to our body. Having a good stamina can strengthen our ability to work throughout the day. Furthermore, exercising can help to prevent coronary diseases, stroke, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. By exercising, we can increase our metabolism rate which in turn help in controlling our weight. Many people make excuses that they do not have time to do exercise but actually to get a healthy lifestyle, we only need to exercise at least 30-60 minutes every 3 times a week. (Mentioned International Journal of Law Education, 2015). The exercise can be broken up into shorter 10-minutes sessions and having rest in the between. While jogging can be a good form of exercise, we also can choose exercise like tabata, yoga, zumba as our exercises which can let us sweat and eliminate the toxic and waste products in the same time. Thus, exercises can help us to have a healthy
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