Healthy Hometown, Was Home Cooking

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The public will soon be obtaining much information from our class in an event that New Tech is hosting, and heaps of that information will come from our group. The topic that my group chose to inform the public on and make up and experiment for in this project, Healthy Hometown, was home-cooking. We noticed that there were plenty of misconceptions about how long it takes to cook a homemade meal, and that was a reoccurring excuse when people were questioned why they didn’t cook. We decided to make an experiment showing how long it takes for a homemade meal takes to be cooked. For a week, we timed how long it took to make any homemade meal, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, whether it was cooked by us or not. We also took time on …show more content…

“When people cook a mojority of their meals at home, they consume fewer carbohydrates, less sugar and less fat than those who cook less or not at all – even if they are not trying to lose weight,” suggested Julia A. Wolfson of John Hopkins. A study she was in also found that those who cooked at home consumed fewer calories when eating out. The hypothesis that we wrote stated, “ If we compare how long it takes to make a home cooked meal and compare it to how long it takes to eat out (including driving time), we will find out that making out own meal will take a lesser amount of time.

We didn’t need loads of materials for our experiment since we were mainly timing. We have a sheet that all of us can access to plug in our time, we had our timers, and our calculators. We used our sheets so that we could average time per person for each meal. We averaged each meal, each individual’s data, and everybody’s collected data. The timers we started when a meal was made and someone was needed in the kitchen, when food was called in, or when we left. The calculators we used were to divide the time by the amount of people for each different meal. Our group were the test subjects, although technically all of our families were

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