Healthy Lifestyle : A Healthy Body

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A healthy lifestyle means an individual needs to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet as well as doing exercise regularly, engaging in sporting activities or other fitness related activities that are convenient to a person. However, a healthy diet alone is not adequate to ensure someone achieves a healthy body as physical activities and exercise is also important to keep one in the right shape and free from disease and sickness (Edelman et al., 2013). There are many versions of what being healthy is, but understanding its physical, emotional, and social concepts is what’s important. The element of being healthy truly starts from the inside of an individual both physically and spiritually with the determination of living right as one age. It is even more advisable to start healthy eating habits and lifestyle at an early stage of life; this will possibly help someone at a later stage in life. Acquainting one with the knowledge of the importance of proper nutrition and exercise while still young will help in the establishment of lifelong healthy lifestyle and, as a result, improving general health conditions of an individual, embodying physical, emotional, and social factors. Combining a balanced diet with proper physical activities like swimming and running will help to boost immunity as well as preventing cardiovascular diseases. Making healthy choices from the beginning and make it a daily part of someone’s life should not be substituted with excuses to why one’s health

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