Healthy Lifestyle Speech

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Virgil once quoted that the greatest wealth is health; it takes courage for someone to have a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle is needed in one’s life and it can be defined as a daily routine that can contributes good impacts to one’s self and society. Healthy lifestyle gives lots of benefits to one’s person. By adopting healthy lifestyle, someone will always be healthy, fit and energetic. Day by day in every country, problems regarding health rise in society regardless of age. Health problems do not only happen at older people but it can also happens to kids. A World Health Organization reveals that a healthy lifestyle reduces the chances of being terminally ill and early death. Healthy lifestyle does not only gives you a good body but it is also give you many perks including long term health benefits. . There are various factors that…show more content…
The social media has a great influence in shaping people's thinking in this world. Everything on the internet can change and make a difference in someone life. This is because the Y generation has been spending time surfing the internet more than anything else. Researchers have found out that the technology is changing the way we live and changing our perception. (Small &Vorgan, 2008, p. 44). But Social Media does not only give us bad influence but they can also help the society in changing their lifestyle to the healthy one. Television or any media can be beneficial as they can promote healthy lifestyle through it. For instance, people can find a work out channels on television and on social networks like Twitter,Instagram or Facebook. Nowadays, everyone has a social media so it is easier to spread about healthy lifestyle. Celebrities do play important part in social media, when they promote healthy lifestyle by uploading their photos or videos going to the gym or eating healthy food. These small acts could help audience to change their
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