Healthy Living Involves Health Promotion

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Healthy living involves health promotion activities, and programs to improve and take control over individuals’ health. Osteoporosis is one of the many health challenges individuals face, and is very common among older adults, due to decreased bone strength, which is one of the natural changes that occur with aging in humans. As Osteoporosis does not have a cure, being able to significantly decrease the rate of progression of the disease is something individuals need to focus on. Health promotion benefits individuals by providing information on how to make lifestyle changes to prevent or decrease the symptoms of the health challenge. Nutrition and physical activity are two modifiable factors individuals could begin with to improve health and strength of the bones and to control the health challenge and its complications. • Health promotion in relation to Osteoporosis experienced by the older adult Many individuals do not realize the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices until they are met with a significant health challenge. Ideally, individuals will address unhealthy behaviours before their lifestyle causes them to develop disease. As individuals age, they are prone to developing conditions that may be avoided by lifestyle adjustment. For example, declining bone strength is common among the geriatric population, and this has an impact on carrying out activities of daily living (ADLs), which may lead to a decline in quality of life. Health promotion empowers

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