Healthy Newborn Essay

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Healthy Newborn

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Infant Care at Birth
The nursery RN places the infant under a radiant warmer and starts to dry her quickly.

What is the rationale for these actions?
A) Heat production is increased through stimulation.
Drying the infant may increase heat production, but this is not the best method to correct the newborn's body temperature.

B) Convective heat loss from evaporation is reduced.
Drying the infant quickly and placing her under a radiant warmer reduces heat loss through evaporation and radiation.

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Carson is taken to the postpartum unit, and the infant is transferred to the transition care nursery.

Transition Care
The nurse checks the identification bands for both the baby and the mother upon admission to the nursery. One ID number is incorrect.

Which action should the nurse take to solve this problem?
A) Document the presence of the incorrect number on the charts for the baby and the mother.
Although the nurse should probably document the discrepancy, it does not solve the problem.

B) Explain to the mother that there is an incorrect number on one of the bands.
Although an explanation should be given to the mother, that will not solve the problem.

C) Redo the identification bands with another nurse witnessing the process.
Identification bands must be correct to ensure the safety and security of all hospitalized clients, especially newborns.

D) Mark the incorrect numbers in red to denote the correction made to the bands.
This is not the proper action for the nurse to take to solve this problem.

Upon admission to the transition care nursery, the Carson baby's axillary temperature is 97.4° F.

Which action should the nurse take?
A) Continue monitoring and document this finding in the record.
Another action should be taken in this situation.

B) Place the infant in a radiant warmer and monitor her temperature.
The baby's temperature is not within normal range (97.5°-99° F). The infant
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