Healthy People 2020

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Margaret Carriger
Grand Canyon University
Trends and Issues in Health Care
Georgeana Lass Drew, Instructor
July 12, 2014

In 2010, Healthy People 2020 was started by the Department of Human Health Services. Health programs and research topics were instituted to help Americans live healthier and longer lives (CDC, 2014). The 42 topics presented are all very important in maintaining the goals set by Healthy People 2020. If these programs were to be cut or budget restraints imposed on them, the impact would be felt by all Americans. There would be more unhealthy people, preventable chronic diseases would be more prevalent, and education and health associated programs would be
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5. Heart Disease and Stroke- Through prevention, discovery and treatment of risk factors for heart disease increases cardiovascular health and improve the quality of life. Risk factors leading to heart disease and strokes are changes in the heart and blood vessels. Education in healthy foods, diets and exercise can decrease a potential heart attack or stroke. (Healthy People, n.d.).
6. HIV- Prevention in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and related illness including death is a goal of Healthy People 2020. With the continual spread of HIV, it is important to continue educating the public on the preventions, and do away with the stigma, especially in those who are affected by HIV.
7. Injury and Violence Prevention- Injuries and violence are common occurrence; accidental injuries and those triggered by acts of violence are included in the top 15 fatalities for Americans of all ages. The Injury and Violence Prevention objectives for 2020 signify a wide range of concerns, which, if adequately targeted, will increase the health of this nation. Various factors can affect the risk of unintended injuries and violence, risky behaviors, bad choices made; such as drinking and drugs can increase these preventable injuries and deaths (Healthy People, n.d.). 8. Mental Health and Mental Disorders- Improvement of mental health through prevention and by guaranteeing access to adequate and quality services. Mental conditions are described by changes

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