Healthy People 2020 : Health Indicator

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Healthy People 2020: Health Indicator
Kimberly Rickard
Liberty University Healthy People 2020: Health Indicator This overview will cover the history, depth and breadth of diabetes along with its impact on the population and determinant data related to the condition. Discussion will be made regarding improvements for this initiative, the impact of health policy, educational programs and recommendations for the future. Finally, the overview will conclude with a discussion on the influence of a Christian worldview.
History, Depth, & Breadth of Diabetes Diabetes develops when an individual’s body cannot properly produce or respond to insulin. In a normal functioning body, after food is consumed it is converted into glucose, or sugar, that the body will use for energy. When the body is not able to appropriately respond to the glucose it builds up in blood and can create complex health complications such as a diabetic coma or even premature death. The HbA1C is a blood test a doctor uses to determine an individual’s blood sugar control over a ninety day time period as well as to make an accurate diagnosis of diabetes. The red blood cells carry oxygen from an individual’s lungs to other cells within the body. When sugar is elevated it will attach to hemoglobin and the higher concentration noted in the blood cells results in decreased control and the individual is said to have and a greater risk of severe health complications (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2013).
The National Health
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