Healthy and Green Environment

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Healthy and Green Environment - control on carbon footprints! Introduction The literal meaning of the terminology Carbon print is the amount of Carbon emitted by an individual in one year of time span. Carbon Dioxide produced from many sources and is the prime gas responsible for global warming and climate changes in our environment. Define Healthy and green environment? In terms of a layman, the answer would be, basically it’s the population that creates pollution nuisance in environment with the emission of various gases, wherein the major portion lies with the Carbon Dioxide Co2 which is involved vigorously in creating Global warming. Who is accountable for Global Warming? Well the responsibility lays in us the “humans” OR calls ourselves the “devastators”. With the each scientific discovery and technology we get close to the “development” and closer to the “devastation and disaster”. The amount of pace we are travelling it puts in doubt if there will be a healthy environment left for coming generation or just the life full with intoxication? We human beings knowing the consequences avoid the same, because we don’t want to forego our comfort zone. Is carbon prints becoming high alert? Because of our life style we deliberately or in-deliberately abuse natural resources produced by mother Earth in various forms- On daily basis we have been polluting land, air and water; since ages. Most of us don’t bother ourselves about the waste we create, but thanks to
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