Hearing Aids : An Electronic Device

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Hearing Aids
Hearing Aids are an electronic device worn in or on the ear that amplifies sound to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing.The first electronic hearing aid was invented in 1898. Many people have attempted to invent the hearing aid, but there are two men who are given the recognition, Harvey Fletcher and Miller Reese Hutchinson. Harvey Fletcher made many discoveries that lead to the invention of the hearing aid, although he didn 't invent the hearing aid that we know of in this generation he is still given a lot of credit. Miller Reese Hutchinson is the inventor of the first electronic hearing aid. Electronic hearing aids are made to be a shape and size that are small and comfortable enough to fit in or around the ear, although it is small it still has many complex parts so that sound can be amplified clearly. There are many parts to a hearing aid, such as a microphone,an amplifier, a receiver or speaker and a battery. The way these pieces work together is the microphone detects sound and converts it into the electrical signal that is sent to an amplifier, at the amplifier the volume is increased and sent to a receiver, then the receiver changes the electrical signal back into sound and sends it to the ear. When the ear receives sound from the hearing aid impulses are sent to the brain so the sound can be understood. Hearing aids can be very helpful if used properly, but they are…
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