Hearing Screening Case Study

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The school nurse is a very valuable part of a school team because they are what merges education and healthcare together (Buswell & et al, 2017) They are there to take care of the students for several possible reasons. We saw the nurse being a part of the school team during our visit was doing their yearly vision and hearing screenings. Doing these screenings may have a positive outcome for those students that maybe need glasses but haven’t told anyone they are struggling. The hearing screen may have a positive outcome for a student that might have a hearing issue they’ve been dealing with alone. A primary role of a school nurse is supporting the student’s education. If the screenings show the students are having complications, it could lead to corrections that could improve their learning experience. These hearing and vision screenings…show more content…
This technique was effective for us because it helped us better understand the expectations of us for that day. Clarifying together helped us to better learn how to use the hearing machines and the vision charts and tests Being specific may have been a better technique to use with my classmates (Pearson, 2015). Instead of seeking clarification of how to use the machine, perhaps being specific or asking specific questions from my classmate on how to use the machine would have been a more effective route.
An effective communication technique that I used with the school nurse would be attentive listening. This was effective for me because there was a lot to learn from her during our time at her school. I wanted to be successful and efficient while at the school so being attentive and mindfully listening to the school nurse is one of the best ways I could have effectively communicated with her. To be more effective I could have also used the restating or paraphrasing technique to make sure I was really understanding what she was
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