Essay on Hearing Voices and Etheogens

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Hearing voices is considered a cross-cultural phenomenon. A Shaman can use psychoactive drugs to communicate with the spirit realm or a schizophrenic individual may hear voices that command them to commit transgressions towards themselves or against other people. I suggest that it is no longer accurate to only think of voices as either part of a supernatural occurrence or mental disease, instead certain instances of hearing voices should be regarded as psychologically valid events that can communicate to the person metaphorically, about their lives, emotions and environment to help them deal with the harsh realities of living. For instance, people hearing abusive or commanding voices often recognize their voices as those of their actual…show more content…
These experiences can be appraised and received as either shamanistic; passed down from a supernatural authority, or schizophrenic; likely the result of a massive dysfunction of the frontal cortex. INTELLIGENCE/INSANITY Intelligence in humans developed as the result of an increase in the number of brain genes in our evolutionary ancestors. Researchers suggest that a simple invertebrate animal living in the sea 500 million years ago experienced a 'genetic accident', which resulted in extra copies of these genes being made. This animal's descendants benefited from these extra genes, leading to behaviorally sophisticated vertebrates -- including humans, who continue to be prone to genetic accidents. There is a myth that concerns the fine line between brilliance and insanity. Dyslexia, autism, bipolar, synesthesia... the list of common problems suffered by the exceptionally intelligent is legion. While the ancient Greeks frequently communicated with their Gods, using them to externalize what they called “genius”, so they could tap into it, essentially relieving the burden of brilliance off the person. One main area of concern, especially in ancient cultures, is where religious experience and

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