Essay on Hearing vs. Listening

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Those not thoroughly educated in communication tend to confuse the terms “hearing” and “listening.” Although they appear to mean the same thing, utilize the same body part, and are both required for functional communication, there is a great difference between these two actions. Hearing involves the perception of sound using the ears, while listening is based upon giving attention to the sound being perceived. Additionally, because these concepts are different, there are also several different ways of improving hearing and listening. Thus, there are several differences between these two concepts, and it is important to signify these differences in order to practice effective communication. Hearing is known to be an automatic function of…show more content…
Listening is more complex, and it encourages one to analyze and think about an idea, rather than to simply accept it (or “hear” it). Hearing is a skill that is beneficial for every aspect of life. As long as we have our ability to hear, we will always perceive different sounds, music, and voices. Listening, however, is beneficial to us in specific instances. It is important for us to attain good listening skills in education, the work force, and in our relationships with others in order to succeed. Good listening in education will bring about confident participation in class discussions; good listening in the workplace will lead to cooperation and good teamwork among colleagues; good listening in relationships is healthy and positive, for it is important to hear what an individual has to say in order to know how they feel. Finally, aside from the complexity and various uses of these two different concepts, there are also different methods to improve each of them. Improving one’s hearing usually involves a more physical approach. For example, if a student in a classroom is having trouble hearing their teacher, the first step they should take is to move closer to the speaker. Decreasing the distance between the speaker and the listener, as well as adjusting the volume at which one is speaking are physical ways to ensure one is hearing something correctly. It is not uncommon for the elderly to lose part of their hearing
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