Heart Aneurysm: A Short Story

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right now, then my grandma started to cry. We pulled up to my auntie Robbie’s house and it was July so her big willow tree was in full bloom and her yard looked so pretty, but it was overshadowed by the crowd of people crying. My mom just pulled me and my brother into a hug. Eventually she loosened her grip, looked us in the eyes and told us that Cody had passed away. Cody J. Martin passed away at the young age of twenty-eight due to a heart aneurysm. The newspaper clipping is still on the fridge beside a picture of him smiling in a pluto hat in Disneyland. The first few days I didn't say a word to a single person, I went utterly blank. Then all I felt was anger. After he passed I was angry, angry at myself, angry at the doctors, angry at the world. I needed someone to blame and I took it out on my family. I became even worse, lashing out at people that just wanted to help, shrinking back from their love, even though they were all going through the same feelings. Eventually, all I did was cry. I cried thinking I would never stop but eventually there were just no more tears to cry. Then came my saving grace, Kallie Michelle Crossland.

My cousin was born in Medicine Hat, August 29th, and I fell in love as soon as I saw her. She’d be the first person in my family that I’d be able to see grow up, make all kinds of mistakes, but
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I realize that I lost a lot of time with them but I’m committed to making up for it by spending every chance I get with them. They love me unconditionally and I just wish I had learned to appreciate it sooner. Please appreciate the people who love you because one day they might not be there for you to thank them. The classic quote is “You don't know what you have until it’s gone” and I really think people don’t take it as seriously as they should. So please take every moment for its immense value and never ever take anything for
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