Heart Attack Case Study

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Cardiovascular System - Heart Attack From Case Studies for Understanding the Human Body S. Braude, D. Goran, and S. Maxfield Uncle Jake and Aunt Leah were playing golf last week. On the sixth hole, Jake told Leah that he was having unusual pain in his left arm and chest. All of a sudden he felt weak and complained that his shirt was much too tight. A dentist playing one hole behind them examined Jake and found he was short of breath, pale, and sweating. He called 911 on his cell phone and told Jake to lie down and wait for the ambulance. The paramedics rushed Jake to the hospital where he was evaluated by a cardiologist. The tests showed that he had four clogged arteries. He was scheduled for surgery the next day. 1.…show more content…
2. Using your knowledge of the pathway of blood, explain the flow of blood through the heart. • Oxygen poor blood fills the right atrium from either the superior or inferior vena cava. • Then, that blood passes through the tricuspid valve and to the right ventricle. • The right ventricle fills up  tricuspid valve closes  right ventricle contracts  pulmonary valve opens  the blood flows into the pulmonary artery  pulmonary valve closes  pulmonary artery splits into two vessels each going to the lungs. • The oxygen rich blood returns from the lungs and it goes through the pulmonary vein to the left atrium. • When the left atrium is filled with blood, the heart contracts and the blood passes through the bicuspid valve and into the left ventricle. • When the left ventricle is full, the bicuspid valve closes and the aortic valve opens. This allows the blood into the aorta and once the blood passes the aortic valve closes. Finally, the blood then has access through the rest of the body by systematic capillaries  veins  back to the right atrium. *Both sides of the heart are doing this at the same exact time and contracting/relaxing is what pumps the blood from one place to the other. What would cause his weakness and shortness of breath? The cause of his weakness and shortness of breath would be because not enough oxygen rich blood is coming back into the heart. 3. What is the job of the coronary arteries? What
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