Heart Attack : No Thank You !

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Heart Attack - No Thank You! More than one-third (34.9%) of U.S. adults are obese. These numbers are scaring me. They call me to go out and scream people: “Wake up, let’s fight not only with smoking but also with overweight!” The obesity is not the only problem of food and bad genes. Obesity is a life choice to sweat a lot, to have problems with breathing, to have a probability of heart attack, diabetes and many other deadly diseases. Some may argue that people this is this is a disease and you can’t change it.
This, however, is not true. A lot of people gain weight because they eat to much. Also, there could be a government companies against obesity. This would help to decrease the obesity levels in the USA. A final reason is that there could be a way to support poverty with healthy food. These reasons eliminate the concern of our lack of responsibility. What causes the obesity, bad food, too much food, companies trying to save money or people? Obesity is caused by many reasons; it can be genetic or just too much eating. The main percent of people just eat too much. For instance, in my neighborhood, there is a woman she is already in a wheel chair with an oxygen tank, even worse, she is having a banquet with her two daughters who are already overweight. She is consuming hot dogs and three bottles of cola every time I see her. Every time passing by her I’m thinking what is in her head right now she already is standing on the edge of the knife one wrong move or one more…

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