Heart Attacks : A Heart Attack

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Heart attacks can be scary no matter who you are or what you have experienced. To think that a heart attack could happen to you or someone you love can be terrifying. As you age the risk of you have a heart attack becomes higher and higher. When someone has a heart attack their blood that produces the oxygen for your heart can not get to your heart because it becomes blocked. Therefore, your heart cannot get the oxygen that it needs to survive. This is a scary thought because if the blood can not become unblocked and get to your heart fast enough then your heart will start to die. There are other names for a heart attack that most people do not know about these names include: Myocardial Infarction or MI, Acute Myocardial Infarction or…show more content…
Once you have a heart attack it weakens your heart and that can leave your heart more open to having more heart attacks. Symptoms There are many different symptoms that can occur when you are either having a heart attack or about to have a heart attack. You should always know the signs just in case you or someone you know is having a heart attack. One of the most common symptom is you will begin to feel chest pain and discomfort. Unfortunately this discomfort usually last for a few minutes and can come back a few minutes later. The different kinds of discomfort that you will feel in your chest can range from pressure, fullness, or even squeezing. Another likely symptom is loss or shortness of breath. It may become hard to breathe, this is always a good sign that something is wrong and you need to call 911 or someone for help. If you also feel discomfort in the arms and legs that may also be a sign that you are having a heart attack. Other places that may become a bit discomfortable may be the back, shoulders, neck, back, and even the upper stomach. Remember to call 911 if you feel any of the symptoms listed above because you can save your life and also stop the damage to your heart muscle. That is why you and people you know should always know the different symptoms of a heart attack to stay alert and also to stay alive. Other factors that you can 't do anything about is your age. Age is a big

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