Heart Disease Among Latino Americans

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Latino Americans are the largest growing population in the United Stated and with the rising number of Latinos, we have also been seeing a disparity on health care especially in heart related conditions. Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States along with strokes and Latino Americans are at higher risks for coronary heart disease which accounts for 23.9 % of all deaths in the United States and heart disease is the nation's leading cause of death among Hispanic adults. In 2015, approximately 85.6 million or more which is greater than 1 in 3 adults in the United States are diagnosed with at least one type of coronary heart disease. Hispanic Americans are 8.3 % of the total number who have been diagnosed with some kind of coronary…show more content…
The cultural factor is not the only thing responsible for these habits, also because many Latino Americans in a household where both parents work is sometimes easier and cheaper to just get some fatty or junk food instead of buying fruits and vegetables (Heart Association, 2015). We also have to consider the social-economical factor within the Latino American population where resources are less available than other groups in the United States and their limitation and understanding the role of maintaining a healthy lifestyle can benefit their overall health. Latino Americans are less likely to afford the resources and time to exercise, most of Latino Americans cannot afford the high cost of fitness facilities and professional trainers unlike other Americans. It is important also to highlight that the number of Latino Americans are employed in physical labor jobs which make them tired and often they lack the time and energy to engage in fitness programs that can help them minimize their risks of heart…show more content…
Based on the United States census, it is estimated that by the year 2050 one in three people living in the United Sates will be of Hispanic/Latino origin which include sub groups like Puerto Rican, Mexican, Cuban, Central Americans, and South Americans (Heart Association, 2014). Within those subgroups, the prevalence varied for people of Mexican descent from as high of 18.3 percent to as low as 10.3 percent for people of South American descent, Dominicans and Puerto Rican descent 18.1 percent, Central American descent and Cubans descent 13.4 percent all living in the United States with diabetes type 2. On another commentary being published in the same issue of Diabetes Care, the author wrote, “the differences in diabetes and obesity prevalence among Latinos subgroups are marked when all individuals are combined into a single group” (Heart Association, 2014). Diabetes in Latino Americans has become more prevalence with aging, by the time they reach the age of 70 years, 44.3 percent of Latino men age 70 years old to 74 years old will have develop diabetes. The same study also indicated that the longer Latino Americans live in the United States the more likely they will develop diabetes, that is according to the education and income level of the person. The study also shows
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