Heart Disease, Cancer, And Diabetes Have Drastically Hindered,

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Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes have drastically hindered, or even taken the lives of people you may know and love. While these three diseases consistently rank in the top ten leading causes of death in the United States, we as a country are steered toward pharmaceutical drugs in order to alleviate pain and ultimately mask their life altering effects on us. Adult stem cells is the future for diseases such as these. Up until now, the research from biologists combined with real life medical procedures in the adult stem cell field has put mankind within sight of remarkable success. Everything from reversing disease to lowering the cost and failures of pharmaceutical testing, is entirely possible with adult stem cells. The United States…show more content…
Simply put, bone marrow transplants use naturally occurring adult stem cells to produce new healthy blood inside a patient’s bones. This procedure is conducted within a hospital, under professional medical care, and in some cases the patient may leave once the transplant is complete. With the ample research that has been conducted on adult stem cells and adult stem cell therapy, it is clear that the possibilities are endless. The first and most obvious applications for adult stem cells is stem cell fusion. Cell fusion is the idea that adult stem cells fuse with a certain type of tissue; the adult stem cell will ultimately copy the characteristics of said tissue. Cell fusion will allow repair of damaged organs such as the heart, liver, and lungs( Murnaghan, Ian). In addition to repairing organs throughout the body, the efficiency for recovery is also something to be noted. Patients who undergo a cell fusion treatment will no longer have to wait years in line on a donor list. Since the adult stem cells would be harvested from a patient 's own body, the risk of immune rejection (the bodies way of protecting itself from foreign tissue) would be zero. Recently, this idea was tested and received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback in the form of a “skin gun”. A biotech company treated a severe burn victim by harvesting adult stem cells from the patient 's healthy skin, suspended the cells in a waterlike solution within the

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