Heart Disease Is The Number One Leading Cause Death Of The United States

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Heart Disease is the number one leading cause of death in the United States. Anyone, including children, can develop heart disease. Heart Disease has three major categories that are used to describe Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), which affects the heart and the circulatory of blood being pumped into the heart (AHA, 2015). According to the Center for Disease and Control (CDC), Heart disease has consistently been the leading cause of death for both US men and women since 1935(CDC, 2014), with men being affected more than women with heart disease. According to the Census Bureau data of 2014, the overall population in the United States is 318.9 million people in Kings County, Brooklyn, New York making 30.8% with 2, 592,149 of the population and growing (Census, 2014). As of 2014, Kings County is the second most populated area in New York City. Kings County has one of the largest populations of people who are less than 20 years old, with 7.6% of its population under the age of five and 12.1% over the age of 65. Moreover, the life expectancy for King County is 82, compares to the overall life expectancy in the United States at 79. Thus, heart disease is the number highest mortality rate in Kings County, Brooklyn. Heart Disease and Stroke are among the most costly health problems, with $500 billion in health care expenditures and related expenses in 2010 along (HealthyPeople 2020, 2014). In New York City, 34% of adults are overweight and with 22% are obese (CDC, 2014). Obesity can

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