Heart Disease Of Jersey City

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Heart Disease in Jersey City
Ayva Rodriguez
Felician College

Heart Disease in Jersey City
Individuals from Jersey City aged 65 years and older are more likely to die from heart diseases such as heart attacks, stroke and hypertension in comparison to all New Jersey residents ("Stats," 2013). These are the leading cause of death in the United States that can be prevented by controlling or preventing modifiable risk factors such as high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol, poor diet and physical inactivity, overweight and obesity ("Healthy People," n.d.). Heart diseases are among of the many known health problems that are needed to be addressed in the Jersey City community ("Stats," 2013). Healthy people 2020 goal is to prevent, detect and treat the risk factors that are associated with heart attack and stroke ("Healthy People," n.d.). And by early detection, heart diseases can be treated and repeated cardiovascular events can be prevented ("Healthy People," n.d.).
The dedication of the Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services in providing the residents of all ages the health and social services through numerous programs aids in the promotion of the community’s health that will lead to decrease mortality rate of individuals affected with heart disease ("HHS," n.d.). And with the help of political influence where Jersey City mayor’s wellness campaign in helping Jersey City residents to have a healthy lives and decrease
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