Heart Of Darkness Analysis

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In Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness novella the story is about what white Europeans have done to Africa. The story was published in 1899, and during these times African Americans were not treated like humans because they were thought to be lower than whites. During these times the term “nigger” was used to describe African Americans. The term was widely used, and since this term was used Conrad used it as well to describe an African American. He used the term because it was most used during this time period. In Heart of Darkness Conrad does not say state anything positive or negative about Africa which means he does not see them as anything like they do not exist. He used them more as symbols than people. This shows how much Europe was superior to than Africa.
During this time period European culture was more racist than it is now, and since Conrad grew up during this culture he will use the same lingo as the people around him. Conrad growing up the these condition the racial bias would not be surprising. The way he grew and up and the time period it would transfer to his writing. Since, the racism was normal during this time period Conrad would not see that it was wrong to use the term “nigger”. Conrad wrote “Black rags were wound round their loins, and the short ends behind waggled to and fro like tails.” (Conrad, pg. 23) he compared the men like they were animals. He did not see them as humans and instead like animals. In the novella the character Marlow is the sailor of the steam ship. Marlow shows no appreciation of his native crew member; he does not check on them to see if they are fed, and he walks through these villages and sees how the people live, but he doesn’t do anything to help them. Instead, he just accepts they are like this and goes on his way. “Can’t say I saw any road or any upkeep, unless the body of a middle-aged negro, with a bullet-hole in the forehead, upon which I absolutely stumbled three miles farther on, may be considered as a permanent improvement.” (Conrad, pg. 30) Marlow sees a dead African American on the side of the road, and he disregards it he sees them like an animal and like if an animal were run over by a car. He doesn’t care and continues on his path.
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