Heart Of Darkness And African American Women Essay

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In his written novel Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad uses the motif of unrestrained lusts, to contribute to the theme of fascination versus repulsion. Although the colonialist society constructed Africans to be looked upon as brutes and be despised, especially African women given that women were devalued due to sexism, few of the European male characters couldn't help but reveal the awe that they developed towards the natives. This frequent occurrence of lust does not only reflect the admiration which few Europeans have towards the native women, despite their socially established inferiority, but it also serves to demonstrate that in the eyes of some, such as Marlow for instance, African women were just as human, and could possess attractive attributes the same way white women could.. However, all of the characters who develop awe towards the natives were well aware that it is beyond unacceptable to find native women attractive, yet alone humanize them. Consequently, these same men unconsciously held some sort of repulsion to a certain degree, to make up for…show more content…
European women were the only women that were to be desired in the imperial world. Heart of Darkness takes place in the era which African women were considered uncivilized, unvaluable, and undesirable. However, Marlow surprisingly finds more beauty in the natives. For example, in part 3, Marlow describes Kurtz's intended in comparison to the native woman and states, “I noticed she was not very young --- I mean not girlish .” This does not only go against every ideal that Marlow is bound to have in the society he is living in, but it also challenges the imperialist beliefs. By Marlow suggesting that he finds more beauty towards the African woman, than the caucasian woman, this reveals the true admiration which he has for the
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