Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

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Becca Woytassek
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Heart of Darkness Reading Log

Author: Joseph Conrad
Title: Heart of Darkness
Original Publication Date: 1899
Kind of Writing: Heart of Darkness is a colonial novella of an expository narrative.

Writer’s Purpose and Intended Audience
Joseph Conrad wrote Heart of Darkness because he wanted to expose human temptation to experiment with darkness when one’s own desires overcome one’s morals. By writing from his own experience of exploring the Congo, Conrad draws conclusions that no one is immune to the dark desires that lie in the depths of one’s own heart. While living in a place with no moral restraint, Conrad saw how people’s minds changed giving them the freedom to explore the darkness, greed in particular, of their desires with no regards for morality.
Joseph Conrad wrote Heart of Darkness for everyone, but more specifically to expose the evil acts committed by big corporations when the believe nobody 's watching. Conrad traveled to the Congo and saw the darkness King Leopold
A single influential being or thing, whether we accept it or not, could drastically change our moral self control psychological
Not only did Joseph Conrad exhibit the darkness in people, he also exposed what can go on behind closed doors when no one is looking. When the people of the Congo were being defiled and murdered the rest of the world was left desolate by the state of the victims. The company left many doors shut hiding the vile condition of the workers, only

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