Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

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In his provocative novella Heart of Darkness, author Joseph Conrad sheds light on the primal nature in all men, casting a shadow—a darkness that is the result of being freed of societies norms. An in-depth analysis of Joseph Conrad and the work shows how well he is able to combine story elements to make an engaging read. Conrad is able to do this through his characters, such as protagonist Marlow, whose experiences through his journey shows him vividly, the violence and brutality even the gentlest people are capable of. In addition to that, Marlow’s physical trip by boat through the Congo is parallel to both his and the reader’s knowledge of the books themes. Finally, Conrad’s story ends leaving the reader to interpret the true definition of this darkness mentioned in the title by comparing and contrasting the two settings and through certain dialogue by characters. Heart of Darkness is mix of characters, setting, imagery, and plot that carefully unravels the complexity of human behavior. In addition to this, the work also focuses on Africa—the unknown “Dark Continent” and how its exploration and colonization allowed it to be subjugated by “civilized” European countries, an idea which is deconstructed itself in the novella., Heart of Darkness has been both praised for its quality in writing and criticized for its overt racism that would be extremely offensive by today’s standards .Nonetheless, Heart of Darkness analyzes society itself by questioning the
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