Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

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Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad is a well-known writer from the late 19th century mostly known for writing short novels. In his most praised work, Heart of Darkness, he creates a story based around his own personal adventure on the African continent told by a fictional character: Marlow. Marlow’s aunt got him a job with a corporation only referred to in the book as “The Company”. He soon is packed and is on a ship to West Africa. He is assigned to operate a ferry running up and down a river carrying goods and people where they need to be. As Marlow travels the river he hears greater and more retched things about a man named Kurtz, whom he eventually meets. He becomes fascinated by this Kurtz character and becomes obsessed with finding out as much as he can about him.
A character in a story “sticks with us long after we have forgotten the details of what, where, and how” (Mays 123). In Heart of Darkness the reader has the rare opportunity to get to know a character who is only explored through the eyes of other characters in the story so that when we do finally meet Kurtz in the final pages of the story, the reader has preconceived ideas about who this man is and what he represents. Characterization of Kurtz can be explored through the words of characters like the bricklayer and the Russian, the thoughts of Kurtz developed in the mind of Marlow, and after his death, the conversation between Kurtz’s intended and Marlow about his impact on those around him. When Marlow

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