Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

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Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad was born on December 3, 1857 and educated primarily in Poland. After a career at sea in the French and British waters, he wrote short stories and books like Lord Jim, Heart of Darkness and The Secret Agent. His short stories and books were mostly about his experiences in remote places with an interest in the dark side of human nature. (The Editors of Encyclopædia). Conrad was first taught by his father, but eventually he was placed in the private schooling. When he was 16 he left Poland and traveled to the port city of Marseilles in France, where he started his sailor career. After being on the sea for many years, Conrad finally decided to stay on land for some time. In 1896 he married Jessie Emmeline George and they had two sons. Conrad began to write his short stories and books in 1895. The publication of his first book, Almayer 's Folly, an adventure tale set in the Borneo jungles. (Goodreads). Before the new century he wrote two of his most famous books. Lord Jim story is about an outcast young sailor who comes to terms with his past acts of cowardice and eventually becomes the leader of a small South Seas country. (online-literature). Heart of Darkness is British man 's journey deep into the Congo of Africa, where he encounters the cruel and mysterious Kurtz, a European trader who has established himself as a ruler of the native people there. Conrad continued as an author and published more books such as Nostromo and The Secret Agent.

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