Heart Of Darkness, By Joseph Conrad

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What is the “horror” in Heart of Darkness, and what particular literary images develop that idea of horror in the novel? In Joseph Conrad’s, Heart of Darkness, there can be many literary images found within that develop the idea of horror. Heart of Darkness is noted for its horror within the Congo between the Africans and the Europeans. The horror in Heart of Darkness is a contribution of many ideas that are formed and contributed from the European colonists. The purpose of this essay aims to argue that the horror in and of the novella, Heart of Darkness is from literary images that correlate within the ideas of racism, colonization, and imperialism. Racism is a horror within itself. The racism portrayed in the Congo shows the association of horror and the Dark Continent. The racism in the novella goes to an extent of referring to the Africans as being dehumanized. As Europeans refer to the African’s mainly as savages, there are many other horrific names throughout Heart of Darkness that these African’s can be associated with, such as, “niggers” (Conrad 86), and “black shadows of disease and starvation” (Conrad 84). They were also represented as, “a lot of people, mostly black and naked, moved about like ants” (Conrad 82), “savage discords” (Conrad 112) and when talked about, referred as, “a nigger being beaten nearby” (Conrad 93). “I could see every rib, the joints of their limbs we like knots in a rope; each had an iron collar on his neck, and all were connected together

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