Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

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Heart of Darkness
Joseph Conrad was born by the name Jozej Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski on Dec. 3, 1857. He was an English novelist and short story writer who wrote many titles to include Lord Jim, Nostromo, and The secret Agent. He was known for his richness of the use of prose and also using his encounters with living on the high seas. His reputation as a great story teller covers up his great fascination when people are faced with nature’s invaraiable unconcern, man’s frequent malevolence, and his inner battle with good and evil. Conrad’s father was a poet and a polish patriot who was arrested and sent in to exile in late 1861. Conrad was introduced to English at the young age of eight while listening to his father translate some great
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From the outside you would consider it a tale of mystery and adventure taking place in central Africa along the Congo River. Another great thing taken from this book is the symbolic journey into man’s inner being containing details of literal and symbolic levels that contribute to the narrative and the interpretations of the meaning of the story. To fully understand this book sit back and let me tell you about the plot. The plot begins with Marlow fresh from Europe who sets sail up the Congo River to relieve Kurtz. Marlow despite never encountering Kurtz admires and respects him through the reputation and the writings he made of civiling the African continent. Marlow from his experiences in Africa with the effects of colonialism and how Kurtz has become a vicious power hungry subjugator of the African natives makes him dislike the man now. The journey forces Marlow to face Kurtz to confront the corruption but also he will be faced by the same temptation. When he meets Kurtz finally he is ravaged by disease, and dissipation and is near death. Kurtz dies and Marlow returns to Belgium where is greeted by Kurtz’s fiancée and tells her many lies. Marlow claimed her name was said during the death and withheld the illegal activities that went on. Critics have debated these motives behind the deception saying that it causes an act condescension,
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