Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad Essay

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Joseph Conrad, author of Heart of Darkness, intriguingly uses an unnamed narrator in his novel that clearly becomes of importance right away in the introduction. Conrad’s narrator chooses to speak of the historical period in which Roman colonization took over what we now know as Great Britain. By connecting a Roman colonization story to one almost 2000 years later talking about the Belgians in Africa, Conrad reveals one of his own themes in the novel. He proposes that the Romans ' and Belgians ' barbarous colonization methods are completely corrupt and it seems as though Conrad draws a clear connection to the two periods while hoping this major key to later tellings of the novel is picked up by the readers. Roman colonization easily foreshadows this story because of all the similarities. In the novella, Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad uses the Roman colonization of Great Britain which is able to foreshadow later events of the Belgians and the Congo Free-State. As Conrad writes about the Romans coming to England, it clearly foreshadows the ensuing characters in the story, the plot which will unravel, along with the themes which the novel holds. In the short segment of the story which includes the Roman invasion of Great Britain, there are characters who are actually nameless who have interactions with the natives. This little piece of the segment about Roman colonization foretells of the white men Marlow meets once he arrives at the then Belgian-controlled Africa. This

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