Heart Of Darkness, By Joseph Conrad Essay

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The author of Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad, and the author of Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe, both present two stories written in completely different perspectives on the way whites and African’s view each other. These two men also lived in completely different time eras than each other, along with opposite life styles which affected their view on their writings, for Joseph Conrad lived in the late 1800’s, born in Ukraine, and Chinua Achebe in the early 1900’s, born in Nigeria. Man’s fallen nature plays a large role in Heart of Darkness and in Things Fall Apart, through the way that the characters view other people in the books. The white characters tend to view the Africans as savages; however, they actually have great abilities that they do not know of. Man’s fallen nature also affects how the characters interact with each other in man vs man, since the white do not view the Africans in the same way, they will think lowly of the Africans and treat them with disrespect. Throughout the stories of Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart, man’s fallen nature is seen throughout the communication with white’s and Africans, this can be seen through how they think of each other and their actions from man’s fallen nature through man vs man. Joseph Conrad, the author of Heart of Darkness grew up in a completely different time era and opposite world as the Things Fall Apart author, Chinua Achebe. Joseph Conrad was British, born in Ukraine on December 3, 1857 living to August

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