Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrads

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In Joseph Conrads’ work, Heart of Darkness, many characters fall victim to insanity caused by the wild environment. However, there are a select few who managed to leave the jungle unscathed after their encounter with the foreign landscape and people. Among these few include the chief accountant of the Outer Station, the foreman of mechanics, the manager of the Central Station, and Marlow. It was not by chance that these men are able to retain their sanity. Each one of these individuals had an occupation, background, lifestyle, or intellect that worked in their favor throughout their stay in the Congo. One of the first men introduced to Marlow upon his arrival to the Outer Station is the company’s chief accountant. Not only is he impeccably dressed, but he is devoted entirely to his paperwork. Marlow immediately observes, “He was devoted to his books, which were in apple-pie order” (Conrad 46). The accountant’s drive and nature of work are what occupy his time and keep him from losing his mind amidst the dark and menacing jungle. His stationary and indoor occupation prevent him from getting lost mentally and physically in the horrors of the jungle. His lack of exposure to the environment allows him to maintain his civility, which can be observed through his polished appearance and organized work. Consumed by his work, the accountant is distracted from the horrors happening around him, remaining blissfully ignorant amongst his papers. Similarly, the foreman of mechanics

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