Heart Of Darkness Imperialism Analysis

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Modern day imperialism is not described as it was in Apocalypse Now but in The Heart of Darkness it does. Though, they may have some similarities you can still tell a difference.

Firstly of all is to define what imperialism is; there is a “new” type of imperialism, differing from the “old” one that usually comes to our mind. When we think about imperialism we think about the Roman Empire or Napoleonic invasions. The “old” imperialism only military imperialism, but today’s imperialism shows itself in different forms. Hobson (in Imperialism, 1902) states that “the new imperialism differs from the older, first, in substituting for the ambition of a single growing empire the theory and the practice of competing empires, each motivated by similar lusts of political aggrandisement and commercial gain; secondly, in the dominance of financial or investing over mercantile interests”. Hobson continues saying that imperialism is the “sudden demand for foreign markets for manufactures and for investments which is avowedly responsible for the adoption of Imperialism as a political policy [...] They need Imperialism because they desire to use the public resources of their country to find profitable employment for the capital which otherwise would be superfluous”. So this new imperialism is much more economic than military. Condensating several authors that preceeded him, Lenin (in imperialism the highest stage of capitalism, 1916) asserts that “if it were necessary to give the briefest
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