Heart Of Darkness Literary Analysis

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“‘The darkness of destructive selfishness’” is a common theme throughout twentieth century British literature (Thomas). A great deal of literary works contain tenants, such as selfishness, which are supported throughout the stories. These tenants, or themes, can be supported various different ways depending on the literary techniques used by the author. Numerous times the literary techniques common in twentieth century British literature were used to develop the commonly used theme of inherent selfishness. Inherent selfishness simply means that there is a deep-rooted greed and is common in this writing due to the high rates of colonization that were taking place throughout the world during this time period. Heart of Darkness, by Joseph…show more content…
Greene illustrates this selfishness through two of the characters, Blackie and T. “The Destructors” is a narrative about complete and total destruction which is also the main character ,T’s, motive for destroying Old Misery’s house. T. wants nothing more than to dismantle everything he can. However, there is not much left to destroy in this city that is practically still in ruins following the Blitz on London. The only thing that remains is one house, so T. and the gang decide to tear it down. They do not think about how it will affect anyone but themselves. T. states, while in the process of tearing Old Misery’s house down, “‘Of course I don’t hate him … There’d be no fun if I hated him … All this hate and love … it’s soft, it’s hooey. There’s only things, Blackie” (Greene 4). T. feels as though it does not matter what he destroys because he does not hate or love anyone or anything. On the other hand, Blackie is not exactly stone-hearted, but the only reason he tears the house down is for fame. In “The Destructors”, Greene writes, “Driven by the pure, simple, and altruistic ambition of fame for the gang, Blackie came back to where T. stood in the shadow of Misery’s wall” (Greene 3). Blackie wants everyone to see that he and his gang were able to accomplish something that no one else could. He wants others to look up to them and have respect for them. However, he does not take into account how their actions will affect Old
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