Heart Of Darkness Masculinity Essay

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The novels of Christopher Columbus, Joseph Conrad, and Catalina de Erauso considers that men should rule the world because of their physical appearance being masculine. On the other hand, women are too powerless because they are controlled by society. They must act a certain way to not be condemned. That is why Catalina secured herself of not revealing her true identity when she was Lieutenant Nun because she does not want to face the consequences. Yet, she is a very brave woman when she starts to run from the law and murders a man (14). No woman had the courage to act this way. Thus, people did not question her when she was Lieutenant Nun because people viewed her as a well-respected Lieutenant. Being Lieutenant Nun she loved the feeling of being recognized…show more content…
However, society has not acted violently towards Columbus on how he mistreated the natives because people expect men to act aggressively and violently. It is how the society perceives them to be. Hence, people expect men to act this way and it is not a surprise. Columbus was only expressing his masculinity. Men are influence of wanting authoritative power. In the novel, the Heart of Darkness, Europeans has dominated Africa. Yet, the story is focused in Congo, the main character, Marlow, has a full insight of what the Europeans are doing to the natives. Even though the story is focused on how the natives are treated badly Marlow still manages to discriminate women. He considers that women are too emotional of knowing the truth which is why concealing the truth from women is better. In addition, a warrior was introduced to the story. When Marlow and his men seen her they are horrified. One of his men points out that she should be killed right away so society will not be worried. People are unaware of a woman who is a fighter. She might cause damage to the world and so the men had to explicitly say this to
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